Managing Director

Mr. Talal Faisal Saud Al-Fozan is the Managing director of AEGTC and he is also Vice-Chairman Al-Fozan National Company (ANC) as well as Managing Director of Safcorp Holding Kuwait, the Group’s flagship investment arm and chairs its subsidiaries including; Abuhalifa Real Estate, Shuwaikh National and Heirs of Saud Al-Fozan Co.
Talal serves on the boards of Boubyan Capital Investment Co (KSC) and Gate Capital (Dubai). Further, he sits on the Advisory Board of NBK Capital’s GSC Mezzanine Fund.
He also has an advisory and consultative role in several other family businesses and holdings that operate in the Logistics, Petrochemicals Manufacturing and Food and Beverage fields.
Talal joined the family business in 2000 after spending 2 years at the National Bank of Kuwait. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, USA.


AEGTC always relies heavily on its human resources to fulfill its business commitments. Over the years, AEGTC succeeded in developing a highly qualified & accomplished professional team having desired skill-sets and competencies.
Under the directions and the guidance of the Managing Director, AEGTC's team manages to fully satisfy the needs of their principals, customers, and end-clients by implementing effective interpersonal and team work .

AEGTC will always provide opportunity to any qualified personnel who express his interest to work and contribute to its well-being by sending his bio-data to the attention of Human Resources Department